I am a software engineer who lives in Nashua, NH USA with my lovely wife Meg and a beautiful daugter who is about to move away to college. My entire career has been spent working with data (data acquisition, storage, transformation and analytics) and though I have been providing technical leadership for most of that time in the last few years I have moved into a purely leadership role.

I have been writing code since I was 12 years old and I am a lifelong tech enthusiast but I have recently begun to realize that the positive effects of technology are not simply automatic; we need to be intentional about how we use our technology and careful to design our systems so that the consequences are more intended than not.

This blog is about my own relationship with technology as a consumer and a creator. My core motivation is that I find that those who discuss and guide the decisions and direction in our world interact very little with those whose creations are changing it. Writing helps me clarify my own thoughts and I hope that sharing my musings can help bridge the gap.

The technology behind this “site” is partly a consequence of my fascination with new technology. This content is being distributed both over HTTP through a traditional web server and directly as a set of files through the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). Because IPFS is a decentralized system with no server invoved to run the usual back-end services this blog is simply a set of static files rendered in the browser (i.e. an old school web site).

I am writing the content in Markdown and generating the HTML files using Hugo. The Hugo configuration and the content are stored in github here.

For now I am using externally defined modern conveniences such as Google fonts and my Gravatar link, but soon I may choose to generate a more self-contained set of files for the IPFS version of the blog.

There are more details about design and styling choices in the github repo for those that care.

Peter Dolan Lacey FEB 2018